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LED Lamps

GenLED offers wide range of LED lamps that can retrofit the conventional lamps. Most conventional lighting technology are now considered inefficient due to their low luminous efficacy and shorter designed with excellent thermal management, increased lamp life, wide range of beam angles and consistent color temperature. LED lamps can be safely used in display areas as they produce very low heat and no UV radiation.

LED Lamps

  • MR16 E HO

    MR16 E HO

    MR16 E by GenLED is the new addition to the new ec...

  • T5 G2

    T5 G2

    GenLED’s new T5 G2 lamp is designed with Aluminu...

  • GU10 E

    GU10 E

    GU10 E by GenLED is the new additional to the eco...

  • MR16 POWER3

    MR16 POWER3

    MR16 POWER3 is the next generation LED lamp from G...



    MR16 POWER2 XTRA by GenLED Lighting is the upgrade...

  • Candle G2

    Candle G2

    GenLED's CANDLE G2 is the 2nd reneration E14 LED l...

  • MR16 E

    MR16 E

    MR 16 E by GenLED is a new addition to the economi...

  • T8 G2

    T8 G2

    GenLed's T8 G2 LED lamp is disgineed with higher l...

  • T8 GL

    T8 GL

    GenLED's new T8 GL LED lamp is designed with glass...

  • A60 G2

    A60 G2

    GenLED's A60 G2 is the 2nd generation LED lamp wh...

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