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Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting provides an excellent form of indirect lighting as primary lighting and aesthetic accent. GenLED offers a range of high quality LED lighting products that illuminate coves efficiently while being environmentally responsible.

Cove Lighting


12 Volt DC

12 Volt DC input voltage

VersaLenz® advance optics

  • State-of-Art optical design and manufacturing technologies
  • Illuminating signs with excellent brightness and uniformity
  • Customized light patterns for different sign configurations to reduce cost and energy

Onewhite® global color consistency

  • Delivering a single white color bin for each color temperature, no sub-bins
  • Module to module white color consistency within 4 steps MacAdams Ellipse
  • Eliminating batch-to-batch color matching
  • LM 79 Tested

Capzul® Waterproof Encapsulation

  • Fully sealed module packaging suitable for outdoor
  • IP68 Rating, UL certified for wet, damp and dry locations
  • Well protected from chemical corrosions such as sulfur and salt
  • Wide operating temperature range -40°C to +60°C

UV Resistant Packaging

  • Advanced UV-resistant materials for module packaging, optics and wires
  • Suitable for direct sun exposure

Constant Current Driven LEDs

  • No current fluctuation due to LED or power supply voltage variations
  • Constant LED current creates consistent light output and color for modules
  • Over-current protection enhances LED module lifetime

Long lifetime over wide ambient temperature range

  • 50,000 hours life at 70% lumen maintenance
  • Rated lifetime over -40°C to +60°C ambient temperatures
  • Standard 5 year limited warranty
  • Extended warranty upon customer request
  • LM 80 Tested


    With generation 3 optics this high output SignRayz product achieves over 200 lumens per ft. Good for large channel letters, cloud and cabinet sign applications, the APEX XTRA product is available with Agilight’s G3 batwing beam pattern. Learn More


    GenLED's LENEAR LED PROFILE is an extruded aluminium to be used in conjunction with GenLED's Ribbon LED strip series. Up to double row led strips of RBL3 and RBL4 or single row of RBL32 can be installed inside the profile to meet desired light levels. Learn More


    GenLED's RIBBON is a LED strip that is pre assemble with the aluminum profile, diffuser and quick connect end caps. It provides uniform bright lighting in single colors using high lumen output SMD 3528 LED package. Available in 96 LEDs per meter with high luminous flux efficiency of more that 80Lm/W. The quick connect male/female end caps lets you seamlessly connect two or more Rigid Strip up to 5 meters without soldering. Power supplies shall be ordered separately Learn More
  4.  MINI LED Module

    MINI LED Module

    MINI’s small foot print allows for this product to be used in narrow and small channel letters and accent lighting. Learn More
  5. BASE LED Module G2

    BASE LED Module G2

    AgiLight’s cost effective solution for standard (5") depth channel letters. Available in a 172° beam angle. Learn More
  6. BASE LED Module G1

    BASE LED Module G1

    AgiLight’s cost effective solution for standard depth channel letters. Available in a 120° beam angle. Learn More
  7. GLL-RFL-WW-24V-7.2W/12W-IP68-10M/5M


    The RFL Neon Flex is an addition to GenLED’s Ribbon series of flexible led strip with fully encapsulated extruded flexible UV resistant PVC and factory moulded front connectors and end caps. The whole length is rated IP68 and is resistant to harsh environments as well. Learn More

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