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GenLED Lighting Products

GenLED Lighting's line of LED lamps and fixtures brighten, welcome and create the right lighting environment. Environmentally friendlier GenLED Lighting products reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and lower maintenance costs, delivering savings from day one.


  1. LED Lamps

    LED Lamps

    GenLED offers wide range of LED lamps that can retrofit the conventional lamps. Most conventional lighting technology are now considered inefficient due to their low luminous efficacy and shorter designed with excellent thermal management, increased lamp life, wide range of beam angles and consistent color temperature. LED lamps can be safely used in display areas as they produce very low heat and no UV radiation. Learn More
  1. Cove Lighting

    Cove Lighting

    Cove Lighting provides an excellent form of indirect lighting as primary lighting and aesthetic accent. GenLED offers a range of high quality LED lighting products that illuminate coves efficiently while being environmentally responsible. Learn More
  1. Interior Lighting

    Interior Lighting

    GenLED offers solutions that are compatible with most industry-standard lighting fixtures including spot lights, down lights and decorative fixtures. If your project calls for smart buildings, you can select units that are dimmable and compatible with control systems. Sensor driven control is essential for realizing energy savings from daylight harvesting, occupancy sensitive lighting, and controlled ambience. GenLED solutions include a range of luminaires to light offices, large spaces and commercial locations as well as hotels, restaurants and residences. Most GenLED light fixtures may be ordered in cool white or warm white versions. Learn More
  1. Exterior Lighting

    Exterior Lighting

    GenLED presents its exquisite product range for external lighting applications using LED light sources. Not only do these products offer all the benefits of LED technology but also let you enjoy the unique architectural style and features. Whether your application is simple tree lighting or sophisticated façade lighting, pathway lighting or underwater lighting, monuments or buildings you are sure to find appropriate product in this range. GenLED external lighting products are designed with maximum flexibility in beam angles, colors and intensity so that you can choose the option that meets your specific lighting requirements. LED’s are excellent alternative for conventional halogen, fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. GenLED range of external lighting includes: Learn More
  1. Special Application Lights

    Special Application Lights

    GenLED Lighting constantly endeavors to extend its product range by continuously developing new products. We are pleased to present our unique products for special applications like industrial high bays, flood lights, etc. GenLED also undertakes design and development of new products that are specific to the project and given application. Learn More
  1. Power Supplies and Dimming Components

    Power Supplies and Dimming Components

    GenLED's Class 2 LED power supplies are high performance power solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. They feature a wide input voltage range 100-277V and 220-240V AC with active power factor corrections. Designed with multiple protection functions for wide operating temperatures -35°C to +65°C, these Class 2 LED power supplies are robust and highly reliable, delivering maintenance savings to end-users. Learn More
  1. Street Lighting
  1. Expo Series