Giant JetBlue Sign Lights Up Long Island City Skyline   Updated  August 30, 2012 1:23pm

August 30, 2012 1:23pm | By Ewa  Kern-Jedrychowska, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

LONG ISLAND CITY — The Long  Island City skyline just got brighter. The massive JetBlue sign atop the  building's headquarters was lit during a ceremony Wednesday evening, joining  other iconic signs on the Queens waterfront, including a bright red Pepsi-Cola  sign at Gantry Plaza State  Park. Several elected officials turned out for the ceremony, including Mayor  Michael Bloomberg, Senator Charles Schumer and City Council Speaker Christine  Quinn. "New York City's iconic skyline is a little brighter tonight, thanks to the  success of JetBlue," said Bloomberg, who flipped the switch  along with JetBlue President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Barger. "It's a great day for a company when it sees its name written in lights at  the center of the global economy, and the new sign announces loud and clear that  Long Island City is a world-class place to do business and create jobs." With 1,000 employees in Long Island City, JetBlue has  become one of the largest employers in the neighborhood. It moved its  headquarters earlier this year from Forest  Hills to the historic seven-story Brewster Building at 27-01 Queens Plaza  North. "We are proud to have our brand illuminated in the New York City skyline,"  said Barger. "It is not only about doing business here, it is about being  engrained in the community and bringing a little bit of New York with us  everywhere we go." The airline said it wanted its massive LED sign to be as memorable as the  other eye-catching signs in the area, such as Pepsi-Cola, IDCNY and Silvercup  Studios, and had designed it to have a similar look — individually letters  mounted on a frame. The "J" is the tallest letter on the sign, which is blue during the day and  glows bright white at night, measuring 25 feet and 4 inches. A time-lapse video of the construction of the sign - built by the  Going Sign Company of Plainview, N.Y. - can be watched here. Read more: