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About Us

About Us

General LED designs, manufactures and markets LED (light emitting diode) solutions that deliver environmentally friendlier and more energy efficient ways to use light to attract, interact and transact.  General LED markets these innovative products through three distinct business units:  AgiLight, GenLED Lighting and Micro Information Packaging.

Multidisciplinary Approach

GenLED team is technically diverse with complementary capabilities in electronics engineering, mechanical, thermal and packaging engineering, materials science and analysis, analytic chemistry and lighting design. Each GenLED product is considered and proven across these disciplines, and upholds high standards across all dimensions of design and utility.

LED Lighting Experience

GenLED has many years of experience in virtually all facets of exciting solid state technology and it brings some of the world’s deepest practical understanding of LEDs from the quest of understanding LEDs to the quest for better lighting. This inventive genius spans applications for LEDs and OLEDs ranging from entertainment to safety. Additionally, General LED Inc, through its AgiLight subsidiary, has many years of field success in the demanding world of commercial signage. AgiLight LED lighting for signage has stood the test of time, temperature extremes, weather conditions and rough handling.

Strong Partnerships

With the annual world-wide production of individual LED elements, called die, surpassing 500 billion units, and with wide ranges in unit quality typical of semiconductor devices, it is invaluable to have close, long standing relationships with senior management in the LED, research  and manufacturing supply chain. Going back to the first handheld calculators, GenLED executives have developed strong, long-standing partnerships with first-tier LED device foundries. GenLED has die made to its exacting specifications, never buying run-of-the-mill or second-quality production. GenLED partnerships continue to expand around the globe, with the LED supply chain, innovators in related and complementary technologies, and academic institutions.

Proprietary Technology and Intellectual Property

General LED never rests when it comes to asking how LED lighting can be improved, and how it can be successfully applied. This never-ending quest for excellence yields an impressive breadth and depth of invention, reflected in General LED’s intellectual property portfolio. General LED holds patents that range from fundamental LED construction and properties to innovative packaging solutions for new and improved LED lighting and related applications.

Best of Breed Products

General LED understands how important it is to have a single, quality-committed source for LED lighting solutions spanning all of your interior and exterior architectural applications. While General LED focuses on its core portfolio  of proprietary lighting solutions, it leverages the creativity and contributions of partners who demonstrate attention to innovation, quality, reliability and design in keeping with General LED’s standards. General LED warrants and takes full responsibility for all LED lighting products it sells, to provide peace of mind while helping you expedite your time-critical projects.